Dick is now 68 years old. He has been under the care of Rock family ministries since 2014. We provide food for him, constructed a house for him where he now stays and he is using walking sticks

Dick had been with a wound (tropical Ulcer) on the right leg for over 30 years. For 3 years, we tried several maneuvers like daily wound dressing, skin grafting but with no positive results.

In early May 2017, we did an X-ray and we found that the wounded leg had a pathological fracture and osteomyelitis of the Right Tibia. He was immediately booked for surgery and he had a below knee amputation on 8th May 2017.

Rock family ministries took care of all the medical bills (4 million Ugx.) and Dick says he feels relieved from pain which had lasted for over 30 years. He is very thankful to God who brought him into our care.

We hope to procure a prosthetic limb for Dick when the wound is completely healed

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