I take this opportunity to appreciate Rock Family Youth Team members who participated in the Youth Outreach mission at Paul Mukasa Secondary School- Kalagi Campus which took place on 22/04/18.

In Uganda, youth mentoring is still a neglected area yet if done at family and institutional levels (schools or religious institutions), there would be a great transformation in the lives of youths into purpose driven, brave & courageous young men and women of integrity.

The Rock family Youth Team continues to seize every opportunity and use it to impact/influence the young people for a purposeful, God fearing future generation through mentoring, care and Love.
Cluster or group Mentor – Men-tee discussions.

We had a total of four (4) clusters/groups of students divided according to sex and age. Each cluster had two or three trained mentors to facilitate the discussions. The mentors based on their life experiences and skills acquired through mentor training to answer questions raised by the students, give them advice, career guidance, counseling and speak motivational & positive words in the lives of their men-tees. Most of the concerns for discussion as raised by the students were as follows; – academics (career guidance), faith related, relationships (boyfriend-girlfriend) and health related concerns especially among girls
Commitment Cards
At the end of the sessions, the students were required (at will) to sign commitment cards which are intended to be a point of reflection and devotion for the young person to lead descent life for the glory and honor of God.

Praise and worship

We had a great time of praise and worship led by the Rock Family Youth Choir. We also had gospel music presentations by the students and Rock family team.


Launching of volleyball
We had planned to launch a volleyball court in the institution with a game between Rock Family volleyball team and the school team but due the rainy weather, we couldn’t. We therefore handed over the donation of a ball and a net to the Head teacher of the Institution.

Thank you, Rock Family Team- Changing lives through Mentoring, Care and Love.


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