Eva Joy Schorer

My name is Eva Joy Schorer. I am a woman who has gone through a lot of suffering in my life from childhood till a few years back. I had lost all hope but when I accepted Jesus Christ in my life, I gained hope again, and I came closer to God by reading his word. Since then, changed my life completely and I started serving God with my full hope in Christ and Christ alone. I had faith in my heart that God knows us, as it is written in Psalms 139 and I asked a lot of things from him as a Father and friend.

After separating with the father of my children, life was too hard. I have four biological children and two adopted ones. We used to sleep 5 people on one bed in a single rented room and it took God’s grace and hard work to secure a day’s meal and other basic needs for me and my children. Because of this situation I prayed and believed for a change in my life, because it was painful to see my children sometimes sleep hungry; but even in such moments, I always felt God was on our side.

I prayed to God to give me a husband who would treat me as a wife; specifically a white man and I promised to God that if I don`t get him, I will never marry again. Our God is a faithful God and he answers our prayers in their specificity, he never lets us down.

In September 2012 I met my lovely husband called Albert Schorer and we got married in July 2013. It was the happiest day in my life. Because I am minister in Church, we started our new life together to serve our God.

I had passion to share my life experiences and the goodness of God and wanted to help the needy because of all the suffering I had gone through. My prayer was to get a man who has the same heart of helping the poor – and God did it. God also connected us to Cleophas who had the same passion and thus Rock Family Outreach International was born.

We have seen people’s lives transformed, hope restored through helping, caring and showing love to the poor. The harvest is very rich but the laborers are few and our prayer is that God will connect us to people with the same heart of standing in the gap, so that we can serve our God together as it is written in Matt. 25, 41 – 46. He has done great things in our lives; we want to appreciate it by serving with what he has blessed us with.