On the 3rd of March, we held a Youth conference dubbed “Dare to be different” conference.
Youth from all over Mukono attended the Conference and we had a number of speakers like Dr. Emos Tugume, Shamah Ssenyondo, Cleophas Turyahabwe and Pr. Omari Wani who inspired the youth to dare be different.
As young people grew up, they expect a lot of change and difference in the behavior of people. They think adults behave differently from young people. However, soon or later they get to realize that some adults just seem to behave like they were still teenagers. There is no distinction between the 18 year old and the 50 year old apart from their age!

The Rock Family Youth Mission offers Youth mentoring – an important tool in increasing opportunities for young people’s success and equipping them with skills to break barriers to a successful transition into adulthood . Rock Family Youth Mission Team provides young people with concentrated adult attention and we model the importance of education, hard work, responsibility, and restraint as paths to success.
We conduct one – on- one mentoring and group mentoring programs in seminars and conferences.

The Bible says; “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Therefore, mentoring young people is very crucial and important. I have come to realize that the reason people don’t change is simply because they do not “DARE TO BE DIFFERENT”
Being Different means:- Standing out of the crowd, Being the person that you were meant to be, Not being afraid to challenge the norm, Being willing to take a chance, Asking why & Breaking the odds of impossibility, Making your own track, Not just following the well-trodden path, Charting your own course and destiny.
Everyone is born unique but through the years people work very hard to be like everyone else. They conform to society’s so-called “common-sense.”

1. Chart Your Own Course or Destiny: Every person is born with incredible skills and abilities to develop; don’t compare yourself to others. Let God help you become who He designed you to be. You have gifts and abilities that you have yet to discover and develop, so don’t settle for mediocrity! You have a seed of greatness called POTENTIAL.
2. Don’t Hold onto Your Past: Your life is more about your future than your past; Most of us had bad pasts and bad trials because of the terrible decisions of others or ourselves. But your future doesn’t have to be a response to the bad decisions of others or your own. Don’t get angry and bitter about your or someone else’s past mistakes. Don’t let them mess up your future. Move forward with God and chart a different course for yourself.

3. Learn to Be Patient: Your greatest enemy is impatience; Waiting is hard—ok. But look at it differently! You aren’t merely waiting! You are preparing! Don’t rush what God is doing in your life right now. Let Him have His way in His time. Impatience destroys more people than anything else I know! Be willing to wait for God’s best!
4. Your Greatest Assignment is Preparation: Most big mistakes in young people somehow involve trading preparation for pretend. In other words, rather than really preparing for God’s best in His time they rush for independence, marriage, etc. Stick with the preparation of youth! You’ll be WAY ahead of the rest of the planet when life demands the most of you.

5. Your Greatest Asset is A Mentor: Your greatest asset is the authorities, advisors, and counselors; God has given every life some good authority—even if some authorities have let you down. Somebody in your life will help you make right choices, avoid wrong, and see clearly through the fog of youth. One of the best decisions you could make is to trust godly authorities. Question them—fine—then listen to the answers they give and follow their advice! Godly authorities have no desire to control you, but they do want to protect you!
Finally, “You ain’t giving in or giving up. You have an abundance of potential within you and you will bring it out to fruition. Because…“YOU ARE DIFFERENT!” and ‘You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you’ Philippians 4:13 .

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