The Rock Family

Rock family outreach is a Christian NOT FOR PROFIT organization based in Mukono. It exists to address some of the common problems in the communities in and around Mukono. It was founded by Ugandan and German proprietors with vast background in Medicine, Hands on skills and Social Work. With such experience, we employ our time and knowledge in ensuring a better tomorrow through  working on the wellbeing of youth spiritually, socially, economically and health wise. We also treasure the elderly because it’s on their foundation that we stand.

The Rock family outreach ministry shares a belief that the future belongs to the youth. We should be wise to invest in them well.


We are currently handling projects regarding health, youth and elderly people. We are expanding the Rock Health services, we are reaching out to the youth through the youth mission, we are also contructng homes for the elderly and finally we occasionally carry out special missions and projects like easter and christmas give aways and the hearbal project.

Funding & Finances

Among other sources like International or from within Uganda, membership fees and subscription fees, the rock family outreach foundation has a few income generating sources through the medical faclity and hearbal project.

Such sources however don’t generate enough capital to keep all the projects running hence we operate mostly on international and local funding from Uganda. We therefore encourage you to be a blessing to the people of Mukono and Uganda as a whole through donating to our projects.