The Foundation

Back in 2007, I was admitted in a medical school for clinical medicine program in Fort portal. I started an outreach ministry with some members in the local church (Imelda, Mike and Viola); this team went for door to door preaching in the villages, hospital ministry and organized crusades to preach the gospel.

I felt the lord calling me for a outreach ministry through visions and prophecy’s but it was not clear when, where and how. I still continued to pray over it and waited upon God.

Years later, I started to work at Vision for Africa International as the head of the medical department but still my passion for reaching out to lost souls was unquenchable and even amidst busy schedules, I used every platform including my office to speak about Jesus Christ and his power to save whosoever believes in Him.

In Vision for Africa International, I met Mr. Albert Schorer and we became good friends. I shared with him and his wife Eva Joy Schorer about the vision and to my amazement; they told me the Lord was calling them for such a ministry.

We immediately laid down the plans, named the ministry as Rock Family Outreach International and by early 2014; we had started reaching out to the poor, needy elderly and disadvantaged children.

Our second project was a health facility whose primary aim is to provide free health care to the poor people we care for but also to the community around us at an affordable cost. The ultimate goal of the health facility is to provide high quality yet affordable health care to the people of Uganda.

In December 2015, we opened the health facility (Rock health services) and several thousands of patients have been served by our team of health professionals headed by Mr. Ssemuyaba Caesar. (See also RHS)……..

With what I went through as a youth, I would never want anyone else to go through my path and I understand the struggles and pressures faced by young people today. They are bombarded by television programs, commercials, music, billboards, video games, magazines, newspapers and movies that give them the impression that to rebel against all authority is cool; that sex, lust and immorality are perfectly acceptable as long as one is honest and responsible.

Even when they want to do what is right, they are constantly pressured to conform to the standards of the world to be accepted by the perverted society. The need someone to answer their questions but school where they spend over 70% of their time is busy with academics, parents have limited time for them, and religion has other priorities. They are left as wandering sheep without a shepherd yet if they lose out at this point, they may never come back.

Therefore, we have embarked on the Rock Family Outreach Youth Mission (RFOYM) program; where a team of Christian professionals from various fields (medical, law, banking, business, agriculture, music, religious leaders, politics etc) with a burden on their hearts to guide the young people through mentorship, sharing life experience, motivational and inspirational talks and publications will participate in shaping the young people into responsible and productive members of society. (See also RFOYM……)

At the same time, we are constructing some rooms for the elderly especially those have no one to care for them at all and the sick. (See also livelihood….Elderly)