Small Changes, Big Difference

Rock family outreach is a Christian NOT FOR PROFIT organization based in Mukono. It exists to address some of the common problems in the communities in and around Mukono. It was founded by Ugandan and German proprietors with vast background in Medicine, Hands on skills and Social Work. With such experience, we employ our time and knowledge in ensuring a better tomorrow through the wellbeing of youth spiritually, socially, economically and health wise. We also treasure the elderly because it’s on their foundation that we stand and therefore we provide shelter to those that luck caretakers.

We run projects and entities that are to generate some money to fund other activities. We have a health facility to provide free medication and treatment to members under our care but also cheap and affordable services to members of the community. Among others, a herbal medicine project, agriculture project and more keep coming up.

The Rock family outreach ministry shares a belief that the future belongs to the youth. We should be wise to invest in them well.

“With what I went through as a youth, I never want anyone else to go through the same and I understand the struggles and pressures faced by young people today.”

Current Projects

Health Services

We aim to provide free health care to the poor people under our care but also to the community around us at an affordable cost. The ultimate goal of the health facility is to provide high quality yet affordable health care to the people of Uganda.


Youth Mission

Youth would like to do what is right, but even then, they are constantly pressured to conform to regular standards. We base on our experience and expertise to answer their questions under the Rock Family Outreach Youth Mission. We are proude to see a generation of young future influencers.


Home for the Elderly

The old are the game changers of yesterday. In them lies a great deal of knowledge, wisdom and history that we ought to learn from. We are constructing structures under which elderly members of community lucking family or any care takers shall stay.